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For Businesses

What are the opportunities for companies?

Zero–Impact Events

We will plant the corresponding number of trees to compensate the CO2 emissions inevitably produced by your company or your events, thus allocating a budget to be converted into trees and contribute to the compensation of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere through the planting of a dedicated area.


Corporate gifts

Eco-sustainable and smart gifts for your clients, employees and suppliers. They communicate to your clients/employees your support to a balanced and sustainable environmental system, consolidating your Brand Awareness.



Social responsibility and environmental ethics

Strengthening the ethics of your business by demonstrating social responsibility is the new approach to production that companies are called to integrate into their corporate culture. 

Engage yourself with environmental resources conservation activities and their preservation for the future generations. A socially responsible behaviour is today a necessary condition to obtain a satisfactory economic result.


More positive value to the image of your company

As the main protagonists of the planet pollution, companies are changing their approach to environmental problems and begin to understand that behave in order to protect the environment is today the best way to demonstrate social responsibility.

Take care of your company’s quality adopting production standards aimed at reducing polluting emissions. These are important steps for the future and for gaining social approval.


Thanks to Regala un Albero you can neutralize CO2 emissions and your commitment to the environment will become tangible. 


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