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Gift an Oak Tree Planted in Italy!

Your dedicated tree is located in Spineto, a land of over 300 hectares in the municipality of Aprigliano (CS), in the territory of Sila Piccola and in the vicinity of Sila National Park.

* By purchasing an Oak, I accept the terms and conditions of the website.

What's inside:

We have prepared a special gift pack, which includes a certificate with the unique code of your tree, and your special dedication. Both printed on recycled paper with an FSC® certification, which guarantees that these are materials from  forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.


What is included in the price:

By gifting a tree with us, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance over the years. We will take care of it ourselves from planting to its natural development, following the rules to make it grow healthy and strong.

Each tree comes with a unique identification code, so we will always be able to tell that it’s yours.



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Your carbon footprint: 

Your tree will be able to absorb about 22 kg of CO2 per year then transform it into the oxygen we breathe. At the same time it will filter the water that we drink and will help to maintain over 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

Thanks to your contribution, you are helping us to fight climate change in the best and cheapest way. One tree at a time. –Thank you very much!


Want to know more?

Botanically Quercus, of the family of the Fagaceae (the same family as beech and chestnut), a very rich genus of species (about 450) distributed in all areas of the world, both in temperate and tropical regions and formed by evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs.

 Always considered a symbol of longevity, strength and prosperity, it is indissolubly linked to European civilizations, so much so that it has always been credited as the king of trees, with significant symbolic and religious value. It is almost universally considered symbol of durability, long life, prosperity, dignity, majesty and especially strength.

The most common oak in Italy is that of Dalechamps (Quercus dalechampii), similar to oak, with which it shares many morphological characteristics, so as to be defined with the common name of  southern oak.

In Italy it is present in the southern regions, from Salento to Calabria and to Sicily, sometimes in specimens of considerable size. In addition to spontaneous species, which have mainly forestry and naturalistic relevance, we then have naturalized species, used both in the woods and in the gardens, with varieties and hybrids specially selected.

In the Spineto grows a special type of oak locally defined Cariglio, whose Latin name is Quercus Cerris.